06 May 2015

shoe is okenko (revisited)

okenko = shoe (noun) (Some things Google found for "okenko": an uncommon term; Okénko is an organization for the Czech, as well as the Slovak, community in London, UK, with activities for children and adults; Okénko is a Czech Scouting organization for boys and girls; Okenko Books is a children's picture book app for mobile devices; a rare last name; okénko means small window, porthole in Czech)

Word derivation for "shoe":
Basque = oinetako, Finnish = kenkä
Miresua = okenko

Revisiting the word for shoe again, because it's awfully similar to the word for chicken. My previous Miresua conlang word for shoe was okeno. This is a small change to make the second to last letter K, like in both the Basque and the Finnish words.

Another word for shoe in Basque is zapata, which is the word for shoe in Spanish. In Basque oin means foot.

The plural of shoe, shoes, appears a handful of times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
"Why, what are YOUR shoes done with?" said the Gryphon. "I mean, what makes them so shiny?"

Alice looked down at them, and considered a little before she gave her answer. "They're done with blacking, I believe."

"Boots and shoes under the sea," the Gryphon went on in a deep voice, "are done with a whiting. Now you know."

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