30 June 2016

sixteen is suitima

suitima = sixteen (numeral) (Some things Google found for "suitima": a rare term; user name; similar Suitime is a B&B guest house in Milan, Italy; similar SUITMA is an acronym for Soils in Urban, Industrial, Traffic and Mining Areas which is a soil sciences conference group; similar suitjama is a pajama that looks like a men's suit; somewhat similar suita means suite in Croatian and Slovenian; bad OCR of old texts)

Word derivation for "sixteen" :
Basque = hamasei (from ten + six)
Finnish = kuusitoista (six + -teen)
Miresua = suitima (six + -teen)

This new word is also more Finnish than Basque, but hopefully not too much so. I want some regularity in Miresua.

The word sixteen doesn't occur in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking-glass. Although I found out that fifteen does, so I've updated my previous post.

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