06 August 2010

boy is mikal (revisited)

mikalmikal = boy (noun) (some things Google found for "mikal": a common term; a masculine first name that can be Norwegian which is a variant of Micah; Mikal (pronounced Michael) is a US modern rock, pop, alternative musician; an uncommon last name; archangel Mikal in Islam is counterpart of Biblical Michael)

Word derivation for "boy" :
Basque = mutil, Finnish = poika
Miresua = mikal

I redid this word because I had too many people related terms starting like the Finnish word. This new word starts and ends like the Basque word. My previous Miresua word for "boy" was "pamil".


de cuup said...

Another conlang, Okuna, formerly Tokana (Matt Pearson), has the very same word for 'boy'.

Mariska said...

That's interesting. Thanks for sharing!