18 August 2010

man is gines (revisited)

ginesgines = man (noun) (some things Google found for "gines": a very common term: a last name; Ginés (fron Latin Genesius) is a Spanish masculine first name; San Ginés is one of the oldest churches in Madrid; Ginés de Mafra (1493–1546) was a Spanish explorer who sailed to the Philippines as a member of the expeditions of Magellan and Villalobos; user names; Gines is the name of cities in the Philippines; Ginés is the name of a city in Spain)

Word derivation for "man" :
Basque = gizon, Finnish = mies
Miresua = gines

My previous word for "man" was "mosin". I redid this word to start like the Basque word because I had too many people and family related words starting like the Finnish words.

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