26 August 2010

sour is pangar (revisited)

pangarpangar = sour (adjective) (some things Google found for "pangar": an uncommon term; a planet in an episode of Stargate SG-1; Lom Pangar dam in Cameroon is an under construction hydroelectric project; according to Jewish sources Pangar was a Duke of Arabia ordered by the Romans to destroy the Western Wall in Jerusalem; an unusual last name; name of a city in Pakistan)

Word derivation for "sour" (taste):
Basque = garratz, Finnish = hapan
Miresua = pangar

There are a total of four vowels in the Basque and Finnish words, and all are A.

My previous Miresua conlang word for "sour" was "garpan". I'm changing this word because I made another word (gardas, which means clean) a bit too similar to it. For the new word, I flipped the front and back syllables of the old word.

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