02 August 2010

to go is moanä

moanä = to go (verb) (some things Google found for "moana": a very common term; moana means ocean, sea in Hawaiian, Maori and Samoan; Ala Moana (meaning path to the sea in Hawaiian) is the name of district of Honolulu; Moana Pozzi was an Italian pornographic actress; Moana is a last name; Moana is the name of cities in Spain, Australia and New Zealand)

Word derivation for "to go" :
Basque = joan, Finnish = mennä
Miresua = moanä

This is a verb, the infinitive form. Making words for verbs is more complicated than it looks, because I have to consider future conjugations. For now, verbs will be at least a monthly feature.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "to go" is now "moa".

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