02 April 2011

am (I am) is egon (revisited)

egonegon = am (verb "to be/to stay" - present tense - I am - 1st person singular) (some things Google found for "egon": a very common term; a masculine first name which is a variant of the name Eugene, notably Austrian painter Egon Schiele; an uncommon last name; a fictional country in children's novel Under Plum Lake; Mount Egon is a stratovolcano located on the island of Flores in Indonesia; verb meaning "to be/to stay" in Basque; name of cities in Brazil and Equatorial Guinea)

Word derivation for "am (I am)(to be/to stay)":
Basque = nago, Finnish = olen
Miresua = egon

I'm redoing the Miresua verb conjugations for the verb "to be/to stay" in the present tense. This is a do over. I like to think that I know more what I doing with this conlang now. Miresua has two verbs for "to be", like Basque but unlike Finnish and English. Similar to the verbs ser and estar in Spanish.

My previous word for "am (I am)(to be/to stay)" was alon.

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