06 April 2011

are (you are) is ezte (revisited)

ezteezte = are (verb "to be/to stay" - present tense - you are - 2nd person singular) (some things Google found for "ezte": a common term; D-EZTE Cessna 172 SP and G-EZTE easyJet Airbus A320-214 airplanes; user names; EZTE driving range turf; a rare first name or nickname; a rare last name; similar word este means this in Spanish)

Word derivation for "are (you are) (to be/to stay)" :
Basque = zaude, Finnish = olet
Miresua = ezte

This new word is a major revision. My previous word for "are (you are)" was aldet. My new word looks more Basque, what with that ZT consonant combination, but it's actually an equal mix of letters from the Basque and the Finnish words.

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