18 April 2011

are (you all are) is elaute (revisited)

elauteelaute = are (verb "to be/to stay" - you all are - 2nd person plural) (some things Google found for "elaute": an uncommon to rare term; an unusual last name; user names; similarly named El Aute de Amar is a music album by Adriana Landeros & Carlos Diaz "Caito")

Word derivation for "are (you all are)(to be/to stay)":
Basque = zaudete, Finnish = olette
Miresua = elaute

My previous Miresua word for "are (you all are)(to be/to stay)" was aldote. The new word, instead of having a consonant combination, has a vowel combination, like the Basque word.

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