26 April 2011

to be (to stay) is elga (revisited)

elgaelga = to be (verb "to be/to stay" - to be - infinitive) (some things Google found for "elga": a common term; an uncommon feminine first name related to the name Helga; ELGA Credit Union in Michigan; ELGA LabWater water purification systems; an uncommon last name; "Mucho Mungo / Mt. Elga" is a song by Harry Nilsson co-written with John Lennon)

Word derivation for "to be/to stay":
Basque = egon, Finnish = olla
Miresua = elga

This is the verb, the infinitive form of the verb "to be/to stay". The verb elga, like the Basque verb egon, is used for more temporary states of being, such as "I am in the house". Usage will be similar to the Spanish verb estar. Previously this Miresua word was algo. I changed this word to start with E, to be like most conjugations.

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