18 September 2012

he/she is här (revisitied)

här = he/she (pronoun – 3rd person singular) (some things Google found for "här": a very common term; här means here in Swedish; similar Har is an uncommon last name; similar Har is a unusual first name that can be masculine; in English similar har means a sound of laughter with a sarcastic connotation; in Basque similar har means worm or nagging conscience; in Faroese similar har means there and similar hár means hair; in Icelandic similar hár means high; in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish similar har is forms of the verb to have; in Romanian similar har means grace, talent; similar Har is the name of places in Indonesia and Somalia)

Word derivation for "he/she" :
Basque = hura (or bera), Finnish = hän
Miresua = här

My previous Miresua word for he/she was hunä, which was a word I posted only about two months ago. What can I say? I'm changing things.

Both Basque and Finnish use one pronoun for he and she. Miresua follows their example.

Note that in Basque third-person personal pronouns are a bit complicated.

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