16 September 2012

your (singular) is zunen (revisited)

zunen = your (singular) (possessive pronoun) (some things Google found for "zunen": an unusual to rare term; a rare last name; a rare first name; user names; ZUNEN is a navigational waypoint in Texas; similarly named Zune music + video software; seems to be a form of sun or sunshine in Yiddish (transliterated))

Word derivation for "your (singular)" :
Basque = zure, Finnish = sinun + -si
Miresua = zunen

In Finnish, sinum is the genitive form of the personal pronoun and -si is a possessive suffix appended to the word owned.

My previous Miresua word for your (singular) was ziru. I posted that word only ten days ago. Guess I wasn't looking at the big picture. This time around there's more logic, less irregularity. And my words are still valid alphabetic mixes of the Basque and the Finnish words.

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