12 September 2012

my is miren (revisited)

miren = my (possessive pronoun) (some things Google found for "miren": a very common term; Miren Browser for Android Phone; a uncommon feminine first name which is the Basque form of Mary or Miriam, notably Spanish actress Miren Ibarguren; a rare feminine first name which can be Irish; "Miren, the Moaning Well" is a rare game card in Magic: The Gathering; an unusual last name; third person conjugations of the verb "to look" in Catalan, Spanish and Galician; name of a place in Slovenia on the border with Italy; name of places in Indonesia and Poland)

Word derivation for "my" :
Basque = nire, Finnish = minun + -ni
Miresua = miren

I'm redoing this word, which I just did only ten days ago, to make my possessive pronouns more regular. Proof again that I change my mind on words. My previous Miresua word for my was nime.

The genitive case ending for Miresua will be -n or -en. That I'm in addition using the r from the Basque word shows that possessive pronouns will be somewhat irregular.

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