10 September 2012

I is mi (revisited)

mi = I (pronoun – 1st person singular) (some things Google found for "mi": a very common term; MI is the US postal abbreviation for Michigan; in Spanish mi means my; MI is an abbreviation for Middle Initial; M.I is a Nigerian rapper and musician; an uncommon last name; an unusual feminine first name; MI is one thousand and one in Roman numerals; in music syllable used to represent the third note of a major scale; means mouse in Albanian; means I in Esperanto; means "what, we" in Hungarian; means noodle in Indonesian; means my in Interlingua; means "we, me" in Serbo-Croatian; means "I, me" in Welsh)

Word derivation for "I" :
Basque = ni, Finnish = minä
Miresua = mi

I've been rethinking things. Looking at possessive determiner pronouns, I realized that I needed to revisit subject pronouns again. That or have very irregular Miresua grammar.

My previous Miresua word for I was nin. I considered making this word min, but that unfortunately means pain in Basque.

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