14 September 2012

you (singular) is zun (revisited)

zun = you (pronoun - 2nd person singular) (some things Google found for "zun": a very common term; ZUN is the only member of Team Shanghai Alice a Japanese game development organization; an ancient type of Chinese ritual bronze or ceramic wine vessel sometimes in the shape of an animal; an unusual first name; an unusual last name; ZŪN Energy Drink; Reggaeton song "Zun Da Da" by Zion; Zun-Mod (or Dzuunmod) is a place in Mongolia; name of a place in Iran)

Word derivation for "you" :
Basque = zu (2nd person formal),
Finnish = sinä (2nd person informal)
Miresua = zun

My previous Miresua word for you (singular) was zä.

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